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Angel Policy


Picture  This - Creative Endeavours is pleased that our customers wish to create and sell  personal craftwork items incorporating our products, designs and images. Our  Angel Policy sets out the limitations and extents for the use of our products to  manufacture cards and artwork for sale. Please  follow these guidelines when using Picture This - Creative Endeavours designs,  artwork or images for the purposes of creating items for  sale: –  In essence, there are no limits to using our products for sale of finished cards  or shapes as long as the item is ‘home-made/handcrafted’, i.e. the item must be  personally and individually produced by hand (or with the use of standard home  crafting equipment) by you, and not in a production line with semi or fully  automatic machines –  This DOES NOT include using the images or designs in new products, i.e. using a  die cut shape and making a rubber stamp that will then be sold on. It must be  used only to make the finished article. Mass  production, assembly line construction, production by workers for hire, or  syndication of craftwork for sale is prohibited –  No finished product may be used in any way that implies an endorsement of your  items by, or an affiliation with, Picture This - Creative Endeavours. Any  finished products you create should NOT be used in a manner which may be  considered harmful, or malign, abuse or bring Picture This - Creative Endeavours  into disrepute. –  These rules are under a ‘fair use’ and ‘fair quantity’ agreement where excessive  use may be seen as a commercial application of the products.   If  there are any doubts or questions you should contact Picture This - Creative  Endeavours for guidance. 

Picture  This - Creative Endeavours may modify this policy from time to time at our  discretion.